Metodología para la implantación de sistemas de vigilancia tecnológica y documentalel caso del proyecto INREDIS

  1. Fernández Fuentes, Belén
  2. Pérez Álvarez, Sara
  3. Valle Gastaminza, Félix del
Investigación bibliotecológica

ISSN: 2448-8321 0187-358X

Year of publication: 2009

Volume: 23

Issue: 49

Pages: 149-177

Type: Article

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The methodology followed by the technology watch process in monitoring INREDIS project is described. Technology watch is increasingly accepted and used by companies and multidisciplinary research teams as part of the competitive intelligence processes. Likewise, the procedures implemented in the project in order to carry out the technology watch tasks and the tools it needs to retrieve, spread and analyze the compiled data, are analyzed.