El volcanismo de la base del Paleozoico Inferior del macizo del Canigó (Pirineos Orientales). Evidencias geoquímicas de la apertura de una cuenca continental

  1. Marina Navidad Fernández de la Cruz
  2. Jordi Carreras Planells

ISSN: 0213-683X

Ano de publicación: 2002

Número: 32

Páxinas: 91-94

Tipo: Artigo

Outras publicacións en: Geogaceta


In the Hercynian Canigo Massif exist a basic-acid volcanism interbeded between the azoic metasediments characteristics of lower Paleozoic subsident bassins. It define a low grade metamorphosed volcanic sequence of toleiitic-calc-alkaline affinity. The more basic toleiitic terms are located at the lower part of the metasedimentary sequence ("Canaveilles Group"), and they are constitute by meta-andesitic basalts and meta-andesitic terms that appear essentilly how flow-laves. Pyroclastic beds formed by meta-ignimbritic andesitic flow-laves and rhyodacitic meta-tuffs and rhyolitic meta-ash of calc-alkaline affinity are located at the top of metasedimentary sequence. A geochemical and petrologic polarity is show by the metavolcanic serie into the metasedimentary Canaveilles Croup. These volcanism is characterized by an important subductive component and geochemical anomalies ascribed to continental settings. It is relationed with the ouverture of a marginal subsident bassin or a continental back-arc bassin