Las doleritas neoproterozoicas de las ventanas de Agadir Melloul y del Adrar Izazen (Anti-Atlas Central, Marruecos)Restos de una distensión pre-panafricana.

  1. Ahmid Hafid
  2. Ali Saquaque
  3. Marina Navidad Fernández de la Cruz
  4. A. Saidi
  5. J.P. Sagon
  6. A. El Boukhari

ISSN: 0213-683X

Year of publication: 1999

Issue: 26

Pages: 35-38

Type: Article

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Two swarms of diapasic dykes wich differents directions NE-SW and NW-SE cut the socle of Agadir Mellouland theAdrarlzaienneoproteroioicwindows, Thisrocks show a hidrothermaltransfdrmatidn simultanely wich Panafricá:n deformation but th~ primary mineraiogical composition preserved are formed by: plagioclase, augite, ilmeilite and micropegmatite textures wich hornblendé andbiotite ocasionally. Theirchemical cornposition are tholeiticand transitional basalts inthetwodirectionS respectively rnentioned. This magmatism have an anorogenic continental character and it is related wich the extensif pte-pani¡{ricanphase thatinvolved to northern edge ofwestern african craton.