Gastronomía y/o antropofagiaprefuturismo

  1. Ana Martínez-Peñuela Virseda
Revista de filología románica

ISSN: 0212-999X 1988-2815

Year of publication: 2007

Issue Title: Los sentidos y sus escrituras

Issue: 5

Pages: 165-177

Type: Article

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  • Year 2007
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Through the analysis of one of Marinetti's tragedies, the drama Satiric Re Baldoria, an outstanding gastronomic metaphor, some of the author¿s characteristics that will develop in later years will be appreciated, during his futuristic period. This play already shows a rich expressive texture, together with an intention to provoke and the rejection of the past that will never abandon Marinetti and will turn him into one of the founders of a major avant-garde XXth century literary movement.