A propósito de un caso: educación sanitaria y carcinoma de pene en Atención Primaria

  1. E. Pereda Arregui
  2. H. Delgado Aguilar
  3. J. M. Remírez Suberbiola
  4. G. Vizcaya Horno

ISSN: 2695-5172

Year of publication: 2012

Issue: 121

Pages: 28-30

Type: Article

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Epidermoid penis carcinoma case in a Primary Care center. Measures to implement for the precocious detection of symptoms of alarm in relation to the assistance to practices of chronic pathologies in nursing care. Descriptive study of care plan, its evolution and interrelation with Specialized Care. Computer tool AP- Madrid and 12th October Hospital web page. Nursing Methodology with valuation according to functional patterns of Marjory Gordon and NANDA-NOC-NIC taxonomy. The practices of nursing of Primary Care for their characteristics (proximity, continuity, visits of follow-up of chronic pathologies) facilitate the precocious diagnosis of symptoms and signs of alarm of relevant pathologies.