El Pensamiento Astorganohistoria de un periódico local y familiar del siglo XX

  1. Magín González Rubio
Dirigée par:
  1. Felipe Maraña Marcos Directeur

Université de défendre: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 14 juillet 2021

  1. Francisco Javier Davara Rodríguez President
  2. Jesús Miguel Flores Vivar Secrétaire
  3. José María Peredo Pombo Rapporteur
  4. Juan Luis Manfredi Sánchez Rapporteur
  5. Almudena García Manso Rapporteur
  1. Relaciones Internacionales e Historia Global

Type: Thèses


The history of local journalism in 19th century Spain is fraught with great shocks and unique events. Nothing will be in vain, much less in small cities like Astorga. The Spanish War of Independence meant a turning point that was not insignificant to the Asturicense church, the capital of its diocese, always a source of privilege.The first newspaper of the Leon province could only be born in Astorga. The history of written press should never forget the privileged exceptions of 1854 Astorga. The Ecclesiastical Bulletin of the Diocese of Astorga opened the doors to flyers and written publications capable of preceding the arrival of the railroad and the telegraph. It is the introduction that makes the difference. El Pensamiento Astorgano is the result of an inordinate need to tell and share ideals and stories. The great crisis of 1898 left the best Astorgans closer to influencing capital decisions. One of them, Minister Pío Gullón, put his stamp on the most liberal press law after passing it through government. He resigned without being able to stop the war against the United States and before signing the Treaty of Paris as the Minister of State. The first years of 20th century Astorga are years of ink and letters. El Pensamiento will not be the first to arrive, but the last to step aside. Necessity made a virtue in Astorga, a singular, walled paradise with a two thousand year history of lives and stories. About twenty publications and up to half a dozen printers endorse a singular past that deserves a serene reflection which helps propose solutions for the future...