El impacto de la transformación digital en la gestión de talento

  1. José Manuel Montero Guerra
Supervised by:
  1. Ignacio Danvila del Valle Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Year of defence: 2021

  1. Miguel Ángel Sastre Castillo Chair
  2. Mónica García-Ochoa Mayor Secretary
  3. Daniel Palacios Marqués Committee member
  4. Gregorio Sánchez Marín Committee member
  5. María Pilar Pérez Santana Committee member
  1. Organización de Empresas

Type: Thesis


This work is developed within the framework of the organizational changes involved in the digital transformation of companies. There are significant differences between companies that achieve success in this complex process of change and those that fail despite undertaking substantial investments in technology. From our perspective, we believe that talent management, within this process, is a key factor for the digital transformation strategy to achieve the objectives set. Neglecting the importance that talent can have to advance in this complex process of change would mean slowing down or limiting digital transformation. We have started from a general theoretical framework on which our model depends, such as innovation and change in companies, together with current models of people management. From this approach, we then entered into a specific theoretical framework that includes the factors inherent to the digital transformation and talent management process. These factors are first of all those inherent to digitalization, such as the concept of digital maturity and the organizational changes of digital transformation: new business models, innovation culture and transformational leadership. Secondly, we address the concepts of talent such as human resources management in the digital era and the talent management strategy itself within this digital context. This paper presents different objectives to be achieved with both, the literature review and the empirical study. We set as objectives to conduct an exhaustive literature review on talent management and digital transformation. Another objective is to review the theoretical framework on digital transformation and how talent management is adapting in this context. In turn, we aim to analyze the key processes of talent attraction, retention and engagement and their relationship with the change indicators of digital transformation. In order to find evidence of these changes, we set out to build a reliable measurement instrument in the form of a questionnaire. Finally, we have a doublé objective: to provide the scientific community with advances in this area and to provide companies with contrasted information on the changes in talent management in the midst of the digital transformation process...