Conservación y Exposición de Patrimonio Móvil

  1. Mesa García, Lourdes
Supervised by:
  1. Isabel García Fernández Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 25 February 2022

  1. Almudena Armenta Deu Chair
  2. Judit Gasca Miramón Secretary
  3. Noemí Peña Sánchez Committee member
  4. María Fernanda Guitián Garre Committee member
  5. María Eugenia Blázquez Rodríguez Committee member
  1. Pintura y Conservación-Restauración

Type: Thesis


The research carried out under the title "Conservation and Exposition of Mobile Heritage", was born from a different way of observing cultural heritage. A new vision that puts the focus on a specific characteristic: movement. Most heritage objects move, in their entirety, or are made up of moving parts, which are essential to perform the function for which they were once created or invented. These objects, moreover, are included in almost all the categories into which heritage has traditionally been divided, be it: immovable, movable, industrial, scientific, technical, artistic, and even showing a strong link to intangible or immaterial heritage. It is a demonstration of the cross-sectional journey that it makes on all heritage categories.To study the subject, we start by defining a new category: Mobile Heritage and we illustrate its heterogeneity and amplitude. We will analyse from the point of view of conservation and exhibition, what kind of treatment or consideration these objects receive in different Spanish and foreign museums. In addition, what is the opinion of the professionals, from the point of view of their professional practice and personal experience. We will check to what extent there is a differential treatment between the objects depending on the type of collection to which they belong and subject to personal criteria, not institutional or regulatory, of their custodians...