La poesía y la calleuna mirada a la escritura marginal en Colombia

  1. Josef Amón-Mitrani
Supervised by:
  1. Evangelina Soltero Sánchez Director
  2. Carmen Méndez García Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Year of defence: 2022

  1. Esperanza López Parada Chair
  2. Jesús Cano Reyes Secretary
  3. Ana María Agudelo Ochoa Committee member
  4. Bernat Castany Prado Committee member
  5. José Manuel Camacho Delgado Committee member
  1. Literaturas Hispánicas y Bibliografía

Type: Thesis


The main intention of the present research project is to carry out a detailed analysis of contemporary marginal writing in Colombia. The starting point to achieve this analysis is to trace the cultural-historical context, dating back to the wars of conquest in Latin America to the present day. This accounts for why certain literary manifestations are not considered by those who, one way or another, dominate sociopolitical and economic power structures. Namely, those few who have always been responsible for controlling, distributing, and hierarchically organising all cultural products or artistic manifestations.Thus, it is strongly argued that, in order to achieve a broad and correct understanding of peripheral, "non-canonical" writing in Colombia, it is necessary to trace the historical background that gave rise to the creation of the founding canon of Colombian literature: those works that, from the beginning of the Republic to the present day, are studied and consumed (in schools, universities, workshops, bookstores, libraries, etc.) as national "high culture". This historical examination gives us arguments to answer the question of why there are certain writings that, regardless of their aesthetic and narrative value, fail to penetrate the airtight and elitist spheres of cultural power, and are therefore deliberately silenced by those who, from the private or the public spheres, decide what should be consumed or understood as culture...