Bebidas espirituosas en el universo Lynchanálisis textual e imagen de marca

  1. Váleri Codesido Linares 1
  1. 1 Universidad Complutense de Madrid

    Universidad Complutense de Madrid

    Madrid, España

    ROR 02p0gd045

Trama y fondo: revista de cultura

ISSN: 1137-4802

Year of publication: 2021

Issue: 51

Pages: 49-57

Type: Article

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David Lynch is the creator of filmic universes of deep symbolic structure, denoted surrealism and plots based on elements of psychoanalysis. His characters are identified by being enigmatic as well as disturbing and emotio- nally challenging. Sometimes, in this fictional landscape, the characters' favourite drinks can be part of the cons- truction of their own enigma and function as triggers for their emotional reactions. Eventually, both the drink and its brand name form a sort of letter of introduction to the subject within the filmic statement. This research analy- ses the relationship of the characters in David Lynch's filmography with spirits and the brand of choice. It investi- gates the symbolic operativity of ethyl drinks in the Lynchian universe, taking as a reference the iconic case of Blue Velvet (1986). In this film, there is not only the reference drink, being beer, but also the stigma of three of its commercial brands, which intertextually collaborate in the creation and deployment of the main character, his antagonist and a third secondary male character.