Estudio de las expresiones proverbiales en la obra de Platón

  1. Marina Míguez Lamanuzzi
Supervised by:
  1. Fernando García Romero Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Year of defence: 2022

  1. Felipe G. Hernández Muñoz Chair
  2. Julia Sevilla Muñoz Secretary
  3. Elena Redondo Moyano Committee member
  4. Ferruccio Conti Bizzarro Committee member
  5. José Vela Tejada Committee member
  1. Filología Clásica

Type: Thesis


As suggested by the title, A study of proverbial expressions in Plato's work, this doctoral dissertation delves into proverbial expressions found in Plato’s writings, namely, the Apology of Socrates, Protagoras, Gorgias, Symposium and Theaetetus. The research method applied for said purpose is characteristic of Classical Philology, it consists in the exhaustive philological study of texts both from a synchronic and a diachronic point of view, in order to determine, on the one hand, what was considered παροιμία in Plato’s time and, on the other, how and for what purpose this author resorts to proverbial expressions. In order to clarify certain preliminary questions that must be taken into account before addressing this field of study, this dissertation opens with an introduction in which its objectives, methodology and structure unfold. The objectives mainly revolve around identifying and understanding the dynamics of use of proverbial expressions in the selected Platonic works...