World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy World Congress 2017. Faculty of Health, Camilo José Cela University. September 29−October 1, 2017

  1. Garcia-Fernández P
  2. Guodemar-Pérez J
  3. Hervás-Pérez JP
  4. Ruiz-López M
  5. Marrero-Muñoz V
  6. Cimadevilla-Fernández-Pola E
Journal of Athletic Training

ISSN: 1062-6050

Year of publication: 2017

Volume: 52

Issue: 9

Pages: 863-876

Type: Article

DOI: 10.4085/1062-6050-52.9.01 GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor

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Resumen de las comunicaciones al congreso:Abstract #1 The Effects of Mobilizations With Movement (MWMs) on the Shoulder Range of Motion and StrengthAbstract #2 Treatment of Low Back Pain in Athletes Who Perform Training With Global Electrostimulation Through Fasting - Abstract #3 Biomechanical Factors of the Lower Limb Related to Running Injuries: A Systematic ReviewAbstract #4 Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Kinesiotaping Over Pain and Lumbar Flexibility in Artistic Gymnastics Gymnasts Suffering From Chronic Non-Specific Mechanical Low Back PainAbstract #5 Injuries Incidence of Paralympic Athletes in the Preparation Year of the Rio Paralympics Games 2016Abstract #6 Myofascial Trigger Points and Podylas Laser TreatmentAbstract #7 Instrumental Measurement of Muscle Tone in Pubalgia Treated by Fascial Manipulation. A Case ReportAbstract #8 Is Dry Needling Effective to Improve Jumping Capacity and Reduce Pain Post Effort in Basketball Players? A Pilot StudyAbstract #9 The Gluteus Medius and Ankle Dorsal Flexion Influence in the Knee Valgus by the Single Leg Squat TestAbstract #10 Differences in Cycle Length and Time Spent on Foot Leaning While Running in Female Runners With and Without Iliotibial Band Friction SyndromeAbstract #11 Haemophilia: Exercise, Sport and PhysiotherapyAbstract #12 Effectiveness of Dry Needling Combined With Kinesio Taping on Pain and Disability in Athletic Subjects With Myofascial Pain Syndrome: A Prospective Randomized Clinical TrialAbstract #13 Injury Incidence in Disabled Swimmers During the 2015/2016 SeasonAbstract #14 Biomedical Versus Biopsychosocial Treatment Orientation of Athletic Trainers and Athletic Therapists in North America Regarding Low Back PainAbstract #15 Observational Study of Flexor Pulley System, Finger Flexor Tendon Thickness and Time to Recovery in Rock ClimbersAbstract #16 Effects of the Myofascial Induction Technique at Fascia Thoracolumbar on Lumbopelvic Stability in Patients With Nonspecific Low Back PainAbstract #17 To Compare Post-Concussion Test in Adult Rugby Players in Spain First DivisionAbstract #18 Effects of Neuromuscular Technique on the Temporal Muscle Versus Jones Technique on the External Pterigoid Muscle in Athletes Suffering From Temporomandibular DysfunctionAbstract #19 Musculotendinous Stiffness and Passive Muscle Properties of the Hamstrings After a Single-Session Treatment Using Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)Abstract #20 Knowledge About Return to Play After a Concussion in SpainAbstract #21 Impact of Intermittent Fasting on Lumbar Discal Herniation and Fascial Tissue in AthletesAbstract #22 The Effect of a Four Week Hip Extension Exercise Strengthening Programme on Isokinetic Hamstring Strength in Footballers With and Without a History of Hamstring StrainAbstract #23 Effectiveness of Analytical Warm-Up of Deep Shoulder Muscles in Rugby PlayersAbstract #24 Effect of Physical Activity on Propioceptive Postural StabilityAbstract #25 Risk Factors in Hamstring Muscle Injuries in Professional Football Players. A Systematic ReviewAbstract #26 Reliability of the Quantitative Assessment of the Ischiosural Musculature by UltrasoundAbstract #27 Normative Data of Flexo-Extension of the Knees, With Agonist/Antagonist RatioAbstract #28 Muscle Chains Stretching Effect for Chronic Pubalgia in AthletesAbstract #29 Epidemiological Study of Injuries at the High Performance Academy of the Club Atletico de MadridAbstract #30 Difference Between Genders in Relation to the Pressure Pain Threshold of Trigger Points Within the QuadricepsAbstract #31 Epidemiology of Injuries in Professional and Amateur Spanish Padel PlayersAbstract #32 Current Trends in Treatment and Return to Play Decisions After a Lateral Ankle SprainAbstract #33 Minor Cervical Instability as a Risk Factor for Concussion in Professional Rugby Players: A Pilot StudyAbstract #34 Influence of Closed Kinetic System on Global Myofascial Improvement and Low Back Pain