Iontoforesis, dosis y aplicaciones.

  1. Jesús Guodemar Pérez
  2. Pablo García Fernández
  3. Eva María Rodríguez González

ISSN: 1696-8077

Year of publication: 2004

Issue: 2

Type: Article

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The iontoforesis is a technology documented from the 18th century, but even today there is not feartured by the precision that it needs any treatment. A common criterion does notexist in the dosing and in theapplication of the technology, which it impedes toextract of the studies and treatments. Between the therapeutic possibilities it stands out for his habitualutilization, the hiperhidrosis palmoplantar, the calcifications using acetic acid and the indurations, where it reports of effective results. Nevertheless, it is necessary to come to a consensus between the professionals in orderthat this technologystops being realized of empirical form.