Identidad, crisis, arte : la expresión de las crisis identitarias individuales y sociales a través del retrato desde el período de entreguerras a la actualidad

Supervised by:
  1. Catalina Ruiz Mollá Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 29 June 2022

  1. Lidia Benavides Chair
  2. Paloma Peláez Bravo Secretary
  3. Ángel Justo Estebaranz Committee member
  4. Ana de los Dolores Tomas Miralles Committee member
  5. Andrés Luque Teruel Committee member

Type: Thesis


The way of conceiving the subject and, henceforth, its representation, has been remarkably changing over the last century. With an emphasis on the transformations that happened in the Unated States and Europe, and in a period in with the identitary problems have come back to the forefront, it is fundamental to revise the paths that took us to the current situation, both in the social level as in the artistic one. This way, we will not only be able to get a more complete comprenhension of the present time, butit will be possible to stablish lines of work and plastic investigation that return its focus to the subject and its environment, addressing the problem of the identitary crisis that are suffered by the contemporary individual. Through the anthropological, philosophical and psychosocial analysis, and its reflection in the way of understanding the pictorial portrait, we would be able to understand the means by which art and society are linked together, and, most of all, how the different ways of understanding the topic of portrait have been altered, and, in some cases, overlapped through the decades. It is precisely for this matter why we have chosen the time that goes between the interwar period and today, as, from a socio-anthropological point of view, the twenties and thirties of last century set the grounding for the current reality. Likewise, our analysis will let us stablish an outline of which is the present situation of the subject, and to explain how does this fact relate to a revitalization of the genre of pictorial portrait, that we can observe in spite we are in a digital world where the photography has become a completely democratized format...