¿Por qué mejorar la experiencia del paciente mejora los resultados en salud? Un posible modelo explicativo

  1. Ana Belén Salamanca Castro
NURE investigación: Revista Científica de enfermería

ISSN: 1697-218X

Year of publication: 2023

Issue: 123

Type: Article

DOI: 10.58722/NURE.V20I123.2408 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openDialnet editor

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Evidence shows a positive relationship among patient experience, health outcomes and quality of care. However, it seems to be a high qualitative leap between patient experience and health outcomes. The current article postulates a tentative explanation model which would be able to answer questions like: why improving patient experience works? How is it possible that acting over something untouchable, highly phenomenological variables, we could get objective improvements? The explanation model (based on current evidence) postulate that there might be variables acting (as mediator variables ones and as outcome variables at different levels others) which interaction could be able to explain the results obtained in the published studies. It could be, then, that what seems to be a high qualitative leap is just the first and the last link in a chain where several variables are involved whose interactions make possible the objective outcomes improvements obtained.