Crossing the oceanthe influence of Bolivias's MAS movement on Spain's Podemos Party

  1. Campo, Esther del 1
  2. Resina, Jorge 1
  3. Welp, Yanina 2
  1. 1 Universidad Complutense de Madrid

    Universidad Complutense de Madrid

    Madrid, España

    ROR 02p0gd045

  2. 2 University of Zurich

    University of Zurich

    Zúrich, Suiza


Routledge handbook of contemporary european social movements: protest in turbulent times
  1. Flesher Fominaya, Cristina (ed. lit.)
  2. Feenstra, Ramón A. (ed. lit.)

Publisher: Routledge USA

ISBN: 9781032084220 978-1-138-49493-0

Year of publication: 2020

Pages: 251-263

Type: Book chapter