•A Coastal Lacustrine System in the Lower Barremian from the Oliete Subbasin, Central Iberian Range, Northeastern Spain

  1. A. Meléndez
  2. Ana Rosa Soria
  3. Meléndez, Nieves
Lake basins through space and time
  1. Gierlowski-Kordesch, Elizabeth (coord.)
  2. Kelts, Kerry R. (coord.)

Publisher: American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

ISBN: 0891810528 9781629810713

Year of publication: 2000

Pages: 279-284

Type: Book chapter


The Oliete subbasin is located in the central Iberian Range, northern Teruel Province (see Figure 1 in Soriaet al., this volume, concerning an overview of the geology and tectonics of the Iberian Basin). The Oliete subbasin extends over an area of 1500 km2 and is bounded toward the north by the Sierra de Arcos thrust and toward the south by the Montalban-Portalrubio thrust (Figure 1). This subbasin is physically separated from two other Cretaceous subbasins: theAguil6n and Las Parras subbasins (see Figure 1 of Soria et al., this volume).In the Oliete subbasin, during the early Barremian,sedimentation of predominantly continental deposits interbedded with shallow marine layers occurred aftera long period of erosion and karstification of the Jurassic basement. These deposits constitute a lithostratigraphic unit called the Blesa Formation (Canerot et al.,1982; Murat, 1983; Salas, 1987; Meléndez, 1991; Soria,1991/ 1997; Soria et al., 1995/ 1997).