Department: Biodiversidad, Ecología y Evolución

Faculty: Ciencias Biológicas

Area: Zoology

Research group: Biología evolutiva y de la conservación


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the thesis Migración y sedentarismo en los paseriformes forestales ibéricos perspectivas ecológicas y evolutivas 2001. Supervised by Dr. José Luis Tellería Jorge.

My research integrates concepts and methods of evolutionary biology, biogeography, behavioural ecology and conservation biology. Recently I have been interested in investigating the causes and consequences of the phenotypic diversity of animals, what ecological and evolutionary determinants shape their relationships with parasites and other obligate symbionts, or how their life strategies vary in humanised environments. These questions have led me to study various types of vertebrates, invertebrates, protists, bacteria and viruses in different corners of the planet. Through diversifying my research topics I'm learning a lot with many colleagues and students, and I'm having a lot of fun too, although I recognize my weakness for my favourite study model: the blackcap. My recent teaching activity in the Degree in Biology has focused on the subjects of Zoology and Analysis of Animal Biodiversity, which have allowed me to work with students on theoretical and practical approaches to zoology. In postgraduate studies, I participate in subjects of a methodological (Methods in zoological research of the Master in Zoology), conceptual (Evolution of life histories of the Master in Evolutionary Biology) and applied nature (Characterisation and monitoring of threatened animal populations of the Master in Conservation Biology). My undergraduate and master students benefit from my research by using my own data to develop case studies in the classroom, learning with me tools and concepts that I have contributed to develop, or by joining my lab to take their first steps in research.