Department: Física de Materiales

Faculty: Ciencias Físicas

Area: Condensed Matter Physics

Research group: Grupo interdisciplinar de sistemas complejos: modelización y simulación


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the thesis Caracterización de defectos en gap. Problemas de homogeneidad en obleas 1991. Supervised by Dr. Francisco Javier Piqueras de Noriega.

My research is concerned with several aspects of electron transport and optical properties of nanoscale materials. Currently I lead the Quantum Nanosystems Group (, a research group focused on the theory of quantum properties of ultra-small structures with the aim to investigate theoretically new and unusual phenomena. I am also a founding member of the Interdisciplinary Group of Complex Systems (, whose main interest is the physics of complex systems, going from Condensed Matter Physics to Statistical Physics as well as applications to other sciences. I graduated in Physics from Granada University in June 1985 and got a Ph. D. in Physics in November 1990 in the Materials Physics Department of the Complutense University of Madrid, where I was appointed Tenured Professor in October 1991. In 1992 I was visiting researcher of the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Bologna (Italy). In January 2007 I was promoted to Full Professor of Condensed Matter Physics in the same Department. I joined the Theoretical Physics Group of the University of Warwick (United Kingdom) as visiting academic in 2014-15. I supervised 11 PhD Thesis and was the principal investigator in 18 research projects. I published 250 papers in high impact journals and 4 books.