Department: Física de la Tierra y Astrofísica

Faculty: Ciencias Físicas

Centre/Institute: Instituto de Física de Partículas y del Cosmos (IPARCOS)

Area: Astronomy and Astrophysics

Research group: Grupo UCM de astrofísica instrumental y extragaláctica

Doctor by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the thesis Contribucion al estudio de la naturaleza fisica de las galaxias compactas azules 1985. Supervised by Dr. Manuel Rego Fernández.

Retired professor of Physics (Astrophysics) at UCM. Profesor Honorífico. Research in Light Pollution leading several citizen science projects. Teacher of undergrad (Licenciatura & Grado en Física), and Doctoral courses and also at Master in Astrophysics of the UCM. Coordinator and developer of curricula: sylabus, manuals for laboratory work. Very good results obtained in the student surveys, over the mean values. Teaching experience topics: Physics laboratory, Statistics, numerical computation and Programming, Astronomical Instrumentation, Radioastronomy, Physics of the Interstellar Medium, Experimental Techniques in Astrophysics, Extragalactic astrophysics. Director of 13 PhD thesis and a long list of both undergrad and predoctoral research works. One of the main contributors to the creation and development of the Extragalactic Astrophysics and Astronomical Instrumentation group of the UCM. New research lines started at UCM as the meteor video monitor station at Observatorio UCM and the Light Pollution research with 2 PhD thesis in the last years. Principal investigator and/or member of 10 research projects funded by the Spanish Government (AyA) in the field of Extragalactic Astrophysics. Member of 3 ‘Comunidad de Madrid’ projects. Member of European projects and PI of two H2020 projects related to Light Pollution and Citizen Science: STARS4ALL and ACTION. Coordinator of the Spanish Light Pollution Research Network (10 years). Awarded with the International Dark Sky association 2021 "Crawford Hunter Lifetime Achievement Award". Deputy director and director of the Depto. Astrofísica y CC. de la Atmósfera and Vicedean of Facultad de Físicas (UCM) for 8 years. Awarded with 6 ‘Sexenios de investigación’ 6 (last one for the 2014-2019 period). Collaborator of the ‘Cursos Centroamericanos de Astronomía (IAU, UNESCO) as organizer and invited teacher. Visiting professor for under and post-grade at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, boosting the ‘Observatorio Astronómico de Suyapa’. Collaborator of astronomy studies at Central America and participant in the ‘Maestría Regional Centroamericana en Astronomía y Astrofísica’. Redactor of the curricula as member of the ‘Comité de Coordinación Académica’. Participant in I+D contracts related to astronomical instrumentation including MEGARA for GTC (WP manager AIV). Director of the ‘UCM Laboratorio de Instrumentación Científica Avanzada’ (2010-2020). Led the team that designed the TESS-W to monitor sky brightness. This low-cost photometer ( is open: software, hardware, and data. The TESS network is providing open research data with measurements all around the world.