Department: Estructura de la Materia, Física Térmica y Electrónica

Faculty: Ciencias Físicas

Centre/Institute: Instituto de Física de Partículas y del Cosmos (IPARCOS)

Area: Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Physics

Research group: Grupo de física nuclear


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad de Salamanca with the thesis Correlaciones octupolares en los nucleos 229 ray 231 ra 2000. Supervised by Dr. María José Borge García.

I am a researcher in experimental nuclear structure, focusing on the investigation of exotic nuclei employing beta-decay spectroscopy, fission and low-energy reactions. Interested in applications to dosimetry, hadrontherapy and medical imaging. Since 1996 I have conducted experiments at large scale facilities, comprising CERN ISOLDE (Geneva, Switzerland), GANIL (Caen, France), GSI (Darmstadt, Germany), ILL (Grenoble, France), JYFL (Jyväskylä, Finland), LNL (Legnaro, Italy) and JLab (Newport News, Virginia, USA). I have led research projects at national and EU level. Since 2010 I act as spokesperson of the FATIMA (Fast TIMing Array) a scintillator array for the DESPEC@FAIR experiment in Darmstadt (Germany), integrating collaborators from the UK, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland and France. I have experience in design and construction of gamma and charged particle detectors, including instrumentation for the determination of proton range and dose verification in therapy treatments. I have advised 9 successfully defended PhD theses, while other 3 are in progress. I am the co-spokesperson of 20 experiments approved at international large-scale facilities such as CERN-ISOLDE, Jyväskylä Accelerator Laboratory (Finland), ILL (Grenoble, France) and RIKEN RIBF (Japan). I have promoted fast-timing techniques and pioneered fast-timing spectroscopy using novel scintillators, with applications to the study of short-lived excited states in exotic nuclei, nowadays commonplace across nuclear laboratories worldwide. I am recipient of the GENCO 2022 membership award for this achievement. Many of the studies have been performed at ISOLDE. I am developer of fast-timing instrumentation, focusing on inorganic and organic scintillators and novel photosensors. Spokesperson of the FAst TIMing Array FATIMA for the HISPEC/DESPEC collaboration for the NUSTAR pillar at GSI/FAIR since 2010. I was the principal investigator of the European FATIMA-NuPNET ERA-NET 202914, FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2007-1 (total budget 797 k€). I am the leader of the HISTARS project for CERN HIE-ISOLDE (MRR funds), awarded 970 k€ to develop a fast-timing system for reaction studies. I have been granted four research accreditation six-year periods (sexenios) in the Spanish system, the next one is due in 2025. I have (co)supervised 9 successfully-defended PhD theses, and have been member of more than 30 PhD committees in Spain, France, Belgium and the UK. I was the supervisor/co-supervisor of 25 Master These and acted as tutor/supervisor of Physics Degree bachelor theses for over 15 years. I was CERN Summer Student Supervisor (2001-2006 and 2023). Tutor of Excellence Students from the call for students with excellent academic achievements of the Madrid Autonomous Region. One transfer accreditation six-year period (sexenio) granted.Second Prize (ex aequo) of Technology and Knowledge Transfer of the UCM (2016) in the category of Experimental Sciences and Engineering. Contributor to various outreach activities, including coordination and translation into Spanish of the Nuclear Physics Experience, NUPEX, I have been the chair of the Spanish Nuclear Physics Network (fNUC) from February 2017 to November 2022 and an active member of the nuclear physics Spanish community. I acted as vice-president of the Specialized group in Nuclear Physics (GEFN) of the Spanish Royal Physics Society in the period 05/2012 to 02/2019. Scientific Secretary of the INTC (ISOLDE and n_TOF Program Committee) and member of CERN Research Board from 01/02/2004 to 30/09/2007. Member of the Jyväskylä Accelerator Laboratory programme advisory committee from 10/2017 to 10/2020. Spanish representative to the ISOLDE collaboration (CERN), 02/2009–02/2015 and 11/2019–08/2021. Elected member of the NUSTAR Board (FAIR), 03/2015 - 03/2017.