Department: Prehistoria, Historia Antigua y Arqueología

Faculty: Geografía e Historia

Area: Archaeology

Research group: Arqueología africana


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Doctor by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid with the thesis La iconografía de las provincias romanas de Occidente el caso de África 1992. Supervised by Dr. Javier Arce Martínez.

I am a Full Professor of Archeology at the Faculty of Geography and History of the Complutense University of Madrid. Since the beginning of my research at the CSIC, under the leadership of Ricardo Olmos, I have specialized in Classical Archaeology, Classical Iconography, Roman Sculpture and Roman and pre-Roman Africa. In 1991 I moved to Rome to complete my Doctoral Thesis “La Iconografía de las Provincias romanas de Occidente”, under the direction of Javier Arce, at the Spanish School of History and Archeology in Rome (EEHAR-CSIC). The result of that research was the book “Africa. Iconografía de una provincia romana” (Rome-Madrid, CSIC, 1996). I have been linked to this institution until 1999, a period in which I began to work on the Tusculum project, developed at the EEHAR, as well as the Soprintendenza Archeologica per il Lazio. I have studied the classical sculpture that belonged to the city and to the villas of the Tusculan surroundings. Due to this research I published the volume “Tusculana Marmora. Escultura clásica en el antiguo Tusculano” (CSIC, Madrid, 2016). Likewise, I have also worked in Pompeii, on the “House of the Archaizing Diana” project, directed by José María Luzón. In addition, I have been linked to various research centers in Germany, France, Russia, the USA and Tunisia. For more than a decade I have been directing several competitive research projects (2012-2024) dedicated to the study of North Africa in Roman times, creating a new active line of research at the Complutense University of Madrid dedicated to Roman Africa. I co-direct – together with the INP (Tunisia) – the Spanish-Tunisian Archaeological Mission that excavates the second most important olive oil complexes of the Roman Empire. As a result, since 2018 I have assumed the direction of the Research Group “African Archeology” (UCM: 971713). In addition, I was also a member of the “Roman Cities” research group (UCM: 930692) (2008-2018). I have more than 100 papers, many of them published in indexed journals and national/international scientific publishers (Ostraka, Antiquités Africaines, LIMC, Archaeopress, Rivista di Archeologia, CSIC, Archivo Español de Arqueología, Lucentum, Studia Historica, Iberia and Gerión) and I have presented more of 200 conferences, including presentations and communications, at conferences, courses, seminars, scientific dissemination conferences at a national and international level. Likewise, I have been member in four “teaching innovation projects” (2010-11; 2014-15; 2015-16; 2021-22) and and I am the director of a fifth one (2022-23): MUSIVAR (Virtual Iconographic Museum of Roman Africa). I have supervised two doctoral theses with international mention defended in 2020 (R. Rubio, with a PhD contract; E. Benito, with a postdoctoral and PAI contract); I carry out the supervision of five doctoral theses, one of them with a FPI contract; I have directed 33 TFM and 14 TFG defended between 2010 and 2023. I am the author of several teaching publications hosted in E-Prints UCM.