Department: Optometría y Visión

Faculty: Óptica y Optometría

Area: Optics

Research group: Clinical and Experimental Eye Research Group


Doctor by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the thesis Estabilidad rotacional y caracterización visual de lentes tóricas intraoculares monofocales y multifocales 2015. Supervised by Dr. Juan Antonio Quiroga Mellado.

Nuria Garzón received her degree in Optometry (1996), MSc in Optometry and Vision (2009) and PhD (2015) at the Universidad Complutense, Madrid. The title of her PhD was “Evaluation of rotational stability and visual outcomes after implantation of folded toric intraocular lenses in bag and its relation to refraction changes and quality of vision”. In 2009 she obtained another Master´s degree under the title of Expert on the set-up and management of R&D+I projects. She is currently employed as Senior lecturer at the Department of Optometry and Vision at the UCM. Her research interests include intraocular lenses, refractive surgery, and mutifocal designs. Before started working as a full-time lecturer at the UCM, she worked for private companies, being responsible of almost 30 clinical trials and studies sponsored by the international and global departments of some of the most relevant pharmaceutical companies (Alcon, Johnson&Johnson, Physiol). Some of these clinical studies and trials were aimed to get the FDA approval of different multifocal intraocular lenses. Throughout these years she has collaborated with different research groups, such as the Group of Applied Optics and Image Processing (GOAPI) of the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, led by Professor María Sagrario Millán, or the group of the Laboratory of Visual and Biophotonic Optics (VioBio Lab) of the CSIC Optical Institute, directed by Dr. Susana Marcos. These collaborations have been the origin of several publications in different journals. Now, she is one of the members of the Clinical & Experimental Eye Research Group (CEER), (UCM-971009-GR96/20, area biomedicina, subarea FOS 4-INT) In recent years she has participated as PI or researcher in more than 15 projects financed in competitive calls from public administrations or by private entities. She has also worked as IP in several Art. 83 LOU research contracts with national and international companies as principal investigador in 5 of them and co-IP in the others. Most of the goals of these contracts are focused on transfering her knowdledge to private clinics interested in implant research programs, as Valles Ophthalmology Research or Inverlasik SLU, or international companies, as Rayner Surgical.