Department: Física Teórica

Faculty: Ciencias Físicas

Centre/Institute: Instituto de Física de Partículas y del Cosmos (IPARCOS)

Research group: Teorías efectivas, física de partículas y cosmología

Doctor by the Universidad de Oviedo with the thesis Relativistic lagrangian non-linear field theories supporting non-topological soliton solutions 2008. Supervised by Dr. Joaquín Díaz Alonso.

My research activity is focused on the study of gravitational phenomena on its strong field regime, working at the interplay between fundamental issues related to the underlying geometric nature of gravity, and its phenomenology in astrophysics and cosmology. This broad field of study focuses in semi-classical scenarios, and considers the theory of compact objects (black holes, mimickers, stellar) in their static, dynamic, rotation, and thermodynamic aspects, and their observational signatures within shadows, GWs, and limiting stellar masses, besides many other related topics. On cosmological, I work in both early (bouncing solutions, inflation, stability) and late-time (future singularities, interacting dark models) cosmologies alternative to the canonical paradigm, including comparison with observational data. I also work in the mathematical modelling of non-linear matter effects and topological defects. My trajectory after I got my PhD in 2008 at Oviedo U. (Spain, 1st year Master at Autonoma, 3-months stay at ECT-Italy with MC fellowship) has covered 6 postdocs in 5 countries. I was hired by different contracts to work 24 months at the Observatoire de Paris-Meudon (France) 27 months at the Oviedo U.; 17 months at Paraíba Federal U. (Brazil); and 12 months at Fudan U. (China). Next I got a grant from a competitive call (first place in Physics) by the FCT to work at the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences (Portugal), for 42 months, and later a 4+1-years contract at a competitive call from the ``Programa de Atracción de Talento CAM” (senior), to run my own research programme at the UCM (Spain). Since March 2023 I am Associate Professor at the UCM. Along this trajectory involving 25+ collaborators, I have implemented pioneering and creative ideas on the framework of semi-classical gravity and the geometrical foundations of gravity, opening new conceptual and methodological avenues to bring the gap closer between our theoretical understanding of the strong-field regime of the gravitational interaction and its phenomenology in astrophysics and cosmology. The output in terms of productivity is 93 publications (five authors of less, alphabetical order) in peer-reviewed journals (74 in Q1, 51 as CA), and other 4 within network collaborations (including two white papers as writer), 2 within observational collaborations, besides 17 conference proceedings and 3 book’s chapters. In addition, I have delivered 47 talks (19 as plenary/invited speaker) in international conferences/workshops, and 30+ invited seminars worldwide. In terms of impact, my contributions have deserved wide international recognition, with a total citation count of 4404/3282/2878/4716 (Inspire/Scopus/WoS/GooSch) with h-index: 35/31/29/37. In addition, I am affiliated to IPARCOS-UCM; LISA Fund. Phys. and Cosmology WGs; the ET Observational Science Board; two COST actions on multimessenger astronomy and cosmology; and several international societies in Gravitation.