Department: Geodinámica, Estratigrafía y Paleontología

Faculty: Ciencias Geológicas

Area: Internal Geodynamics

Research group: Geodinámica planetaria, tectónica activa y aplicaciones a riesgos


Doctor by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the thesis Análisis del estado térmico, estructura y evolución interna de Marte y Europa 2020. Supervised by Dr. Javier Ruiz Pérez, Dr. Alberto Jiménez Díaz, Dr. Rosa María Tejero López.

PhD in Geology, 2020, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Planetary scientist and postdoctoral researcher at University Institute of Physics Applied to Sciences and Technologies (University of Alicante) contract by APOSTD/2023 postdoctoral grant funded by the Generalitat Valenciana and co-financed with the European Social Fund. My research interests include surface processes, geophysical and geochemical characterization, mapping, and remote sensing techniques applied to planetary sciences, astrobiology, and thermal history and long-term evolution of terrestrial planets, moons and small bodies of the Solar System. More specifically, my research encompasses a variety of geological studies about the Earth, Europa, Ceres, Mars and NEAs asteroids. Throughout my research career, I have participated in different research projects funded in competitive calls, highlighting the two international projects financed by the European Horizon 2020 program: the UPWARDS project (Understanding Planet Mars With Advanced Remote-sensing Datasets and Synergistic Studies) and NEO-MAPP project (Near Earth Object Modelling and Payloads for Protection). In 2015, I was awarded a PhD fellowship (Training of University Professors - FPU) by Spanish Ministry of Education, allowing me to start teaching at the university as a teaching assistant. This is another of my great motivations: education and scientific outreach activities. I also have experience leading scientific teams to organize different congresses’ seminars and workshops. Investigation team member of the DART (NASA) and Hera (ESA) missions. Currents projects: - MAGICAL MAPP (Geological Mapping, Analysis and Modeling Efforts for Potentially Hazardous Asteroids) - CRATERS (CRatering on Asteroids and planeTs research as an Earth impact Risk mitigation Strategy) - MARVEN (Internal dynamics of Mars and Venus)