Formulación de la agenda política de turismo en solidaridad; Quintana Roo, México 2008-2016

Supervised by:
  1. María Velasco González Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 13 June 2017

  1. Rosa de la Fuente Fernández Chair
  2. Eliseo López Sánchez Secretary
  3. Diana Gómez Bruna Committee member
  4. Dorotea de Diego Álvarez Committee member
  5. Diego A. Barrado Timón Committee member
  1. Ciencia Política y de la Administración

Type: Thesis


The making policy process implies different phases and stages for by structure can bedescribed cyclically without its origin depend on exclusively from a unique home. Thisprocess of setting reflects the interaction of various actors within and outside theGovernment in a complex political system. One of the initial phases which considers thisheuristic model is setting of the agenda, the subject of our studyFor the breadth of the word agenda and their various types, was chosen for this analysisthe political agenda: a list of subjects or problems to which the government are payingsome serious attention. The classification of the political agenda varies according tovarious actors.In this research was selected the classification of the political agenda that differentiatesbetween the governmental agenda: subjects that are getting attention to decision agenda:list of subjects within the governmental agendas that are up for an activedecisión.(Kingdon, 1984:4) Subdivisions of the political agenda...