"Amo dunque sono", traducción al español Sibilla Aleramorenacer a través de la escritura

  1. Valentina Zucchi
Supervised by:
  1. Elisa Martínez Garrido Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Year of defence: 2016

  1. Barbara Fraticelli Chair
  2. Chiara Cappuccio Secretary
  3. Linda Garosi Committee member
  4. Flavia Cartoni Committee member
  5. Carmen F. Blanco Valdés Committee member
  1. Estudios Románicos, Franceses, Italianos y Traducción

Type: Thesis


The al femminile writings of Sibilla Aleramo were chosen as the subject of this work after attending the module “La escritura con pluma de mujer” (Writing with a woman’s pen) as part of the doctorate course “Texto y Contextos” (Texts and Contexts). During the course I was able to read a number of texts written by Italian women during the early years of the twentieth century, and was inspired to write about one of them: Sibilla Aleramo, her life and her work, starting with her autobiographical novel: Una donna. This work caught my attention above all because of the story it told: that of a woman who had led an exceptional life. The originality of her character, her unique life story and the quality of her writing were what encouraged me to write about her. Sibila Aleramo can be considered anante litteramfeminist; she was a pioneer of Italian feminism, the first female writer in Italy at the time who was brave enough to reject a whole series of principles that governed the human and social world of women...