Aplicación del método de resistividades con SEV para la caracterización hidrogeológica de la cuenca de Dajla(Argelia)

  1. Torres López, Sara
  2. Muñoz Martín, Alfonso
  3. Jiménez Díaz, Alberto
  4. Ahmed, Baba
  5. Lorenzo Fernández, Javier de
  6. García López, Cristina
  7. Olaiz Campos, Antonio José

ISSN: 0213-683X

Year of publication: 2010

Issue: 48

Pages: 223-226

Type: Article

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The aim of this study is the hydrogeological exploration and characterization using Geophisical surveying in the vicinity of Dakhla Basin (Algeria). To that end, it has been used the method of resistivities through Vertical Electric Sounding (VES) on a campaign carried out in April 2009. The work included 19 VES, which have been calibrated with existing wells and with field geological observations. The results have allowed the characterization of Tertiary deposits as well as Ordovician sandstones. With these data, it has been possible to identify the position and thickness of a shallow salty aquifer, and the roof of a deep freshwater aquifer developed on the Ordovician sandstones. The integration of the geometry of the aquifers with the resistivity values obtained in the Ordovician sandstones has allowed the location of a favorable area for the situation of a new well.