Department: Geodinámica, Estratigrafía y Paleontología

Faculty: Ciencias Geológicas

Centre/Institute: Instituto de Geociencias (IGEO)

Area: Internal Geodynamics

Research group: Tectonofísica aplicada


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the thesis Evolución geodinámica del borde oriental de la cuenca del Tajo desde el Oligoceno hasta la actualidad 1997. Supervised by Dr. Gerardo de Vicente Muñoz.

Graduate in Geology, Specialty Structural Dynamic Geology (Complutense University of Madrid, 1991), Bachelor's Thesis (Complutense University of Madrid, 1993), Doctor in Geological Sciences (Complutense University of Madrid, 1997). Positions occupied: Scholarship holder of the Personal Researcher Training Plan (1992-1996). Freelance researcher (1996-1997), hired for Research Projects with ENRESA and the Nuclear Safety Council (SIGMA, HIDROBAP I and II and PRIOR Projects), aimed at searching for a Deep Geological Storage (AGP) for high-quality radioactive waste. activity. Associate Professor (T.C.) of the Geodynamics Department of the Faculty of Geological Sciences of the UCM (1997-2002). Full University Professor at the UCM (2002-2022) University Professor at the UCM (2022-present). Undergraduate Teaching: Geophysics, Geophysical Prospecting and Field Geology Postgraduate Teaching: Geophysical Techniques (MUIG) and Exploration Geophysics (MUEXP) Lines of research/Specialization: Geophysics, Tectonics, Applied Geophysics, Marine Geology and Geophysics. Investigation He has supervised 11 PHTheses, 6 Bachelor's Theses, 9 DEAs, more than 20 Master's Thesis projects. Director of the Consolidated Research Group of the UCM “Applied Tectonophysics” (910342), whose lines of research are Geophysics, Tectonics and Marine Geology (evaluated by ANEP in 2018 and in 2023). Management and administration Coordinator of the Official Doctoral Program in Global Dynamics (Quality Mention) and the P.O.D. in Geology and Geological Engineering from the UCM (with Mention towards Excellence) (2011-2014). Director of the Department of Dynamics and Earth Observation of the Institute of Geosciences (CSIC, UCM) (2012-2014). Member of the National Commission of Geodesy and Geophysics (Applied Geophysics section) from 2012 to the present. Alternate President of the aforementioned Commission since September 2016. Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Geological Sciences (2014-2021). Dean of the Faculty of Geological Sciences from February 11, 2021 to the present.