Comparación de la estructura factorial con una clasificación jerárquica en una escala de agresividad

  1. Carmen Santisteban Requena 1
  2. Patricia Recio Saboya 1
  3. Jesús María Alvarado Izquierdo 1
  4. Iwin Leenen 1
  1. 1 Universidad Complutense de Madrid

    Universidad Complutense de Madrid

    Madrid, España

    ROR 02p0gd045

Metodología de las ciencias del comportamiento

ISSN: 1575-9105

Year of publication: 2004

Volume: 5

Issue: 1

Pages: 549-555

Type: Article

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The results from both a principal components analysis and a hierarchical classes analysis (1-IlCLAS) on data from an aggression questionnaire are compared and discussed. Apart from the representation of the association relation, models from the hierarchical classes family yield a partition of both persons and items and a hierarchical organization of the classes that result from this partition. We discuss the relation between the hierarchical classification of 1-IlCLAS and the factor structure obtained by principal components analysis and show how I-IICLAS may revea! new aspects in the data, such as the "if-then" rules derived from the hierarchical relations among the items and a person typology in the domain of aggression resulting from the classif'ication of the persons.