The JEM-EUSO infrared cameraprototype and simulation

  1. Morales de los Rios Pappa, Jose Alberto
Supervised by:
  1. Luis del Peral Gochicoa Director
  2. María Dolores Rodríguez Frías Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 09 March 2021

  1. Elisa de Castro Rubio Chair
  2. Jesús Gallego Maestro Secretary
  3. Enrique Joven Alvarez Committee member
  4. Andrea Santangelo Committee member
  5. Miguel Ardid Ramírez Committee member

Type: Thesis


Cosmic Rays Physics is one of the fundamental Physics key issues and an essential tool of Astroparticle Physics that aims, in a unique way to addressmany fundamental questions of the extreme and non-thermal Universe in the Astroparticle Physics domain at the highest energies never detected sofar. Moreover, Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays (UHECR) has witnessed a breakthrough with the Pierre Auger Observatory (PAO) and Telescope Array (TA) success. The results on UHECR by PAO and TA have pointed out the huge physics potential of this field that can be achieved by an upgrade of the performances of current ground-based instruments and with new spacebased missions. To fully explore the Extreme Universe, next-generation observatories need to observe the full sky and significantly increase UHECRexposure. To reach the largest exposures, space observatories are likely to be essential. The Extreme Universe Space Observatory (EUSO) space observatory aims to achieve one of our main goals, reach the so-called ”Particle Astronomy Era"...