Valoración in vitro de la absorción intestinal b-aminopropionitrilo

  1. Anadon-Baselga, M.J.
  2. Frejo, M.T.
  3. Sevil, M.B.
  4. Capo, M.A.
  5. Ladron De Guevara, J.
Revista de toxicología

ISSN: 0212-7113

Year of publication: 1994

Volume: 11

Issue: 2

Pages: 96-98

Type: Article

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This teamwork centres around βAPN study, a toxic that can be found in the leguminosas and that it's one of the responsible for toxic staff called neurolathyrism. Our framework was the study of this compound intestinal absorption by Schwarz and Kirchgessner method. It's kinetic in jejunum at different concentrations has been done research.