Arquitectura de decoficador de video orientada al bajo consumo para acompañantes móviles digitales

  1. Montoya Lince, Adrián
  2. Rivera Vélez, Fredy Alexander
Scientia et Technica

ISSN: 0122-1701

Year of publication: 2009

Volume: 2

Issue: 42

Pages: 369-374

Type: Article

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This paper deals with the implementation onto an FPGA of a low power video decompression system that complies with the H.263 standard. Four different architectures for the 2D-IDCT module have been implemented, looking for the reduction of the decoder�s dynamic power consumption. Low power techniques employed in this work consist of bit-width reduction in MAC operations (low precision multipliers), avoiding block null processing, and memory bus commutation reduction. Results are very promising in terms of power consumption, saving up to 70% in the 2D-IDCT module, and up to 74% in the whole H.263 decoder.