Estudio integral de las versiones de José Ángel Valentelecturas para una poética y una estética de su poesía

  1. Adrián Valenciano Cerezo
Supervised by:
  1. Víctor de Lama de la Cruz Director
  2. Carmen Gómez García Director
  3. Claudio Rodríguez Fer Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Year of defence: 2022

  1. Fanny Rubio Chair
  2. Isabel García Adánez Secretary
  3. Saturnino Valladares Committee member
  4. Ingrid Cáceres Würsig Committee member
  5. Miguel Gallego Roca Committee member
  1. Literaturas Hispánicas y Bibliografía

Type: Thesis


The most remarkable aspect of José Ángel Valente’s translating work (Orense, 1929 – Geneva, 2000) is the feeling of literary affinity and self-recognition with the translated text. From this perspective, the exercise of the versions implies a wanted poetic dialogue with those voices of poetry that represent the same literary thought. Therefore, in this work entitled Integral Study of the Versions of José Ángel Valente. Readings for a poetics and an aesthetics of his poetry, is proposed the following thesis: knowing these translated texts presupposes a parallel and complementary knowledge of his poetic trajectory.Throughout his literary career, Valente has shown himself as a poet and thinker committed to a clear idea of poetry: to introduce the word into the realm of truth, understood the latter in its sense of revelation. His doctrine is thus reflected both in his lyrical, essayistic and narrative production, as well as in his versions. He does not, therefore, distance himself, either in his original work or in his translation, from the ethical commitment he assumes as a writer, or from his idea of poetry as a way of understanding the hidden reality. Thus, this thesis seeks to provide the arguments that allow José Ángel Valente to reflect in the elaboration of his versions the same themes, motives, concerns and interests that he pursues in his own writing...