Desarrollo de un nuevo modelo RFM lingüístico difuso personalizable según las preferencias y consumo de los clientes, catálogo de productos y estrategia de marketingaplicación en retail

  1. Rocío González Martínez
Supervised by:
  1. Diana Gavilán Bouzas Director
  2. Ramón Alberto Carrasco González Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Year of defence: 2022

  1. Daniel Gómez González Chair
  2. Sonia Carcelén García Secretary
  3. Miguel J. Hornos Barranco Committee member
  4. Gema Fernández Avilés Committee member
  5. Carmelo Andrés García Pérez Committee member
  1. Marketing

Type: Thesis


In the marketing and sales departments, data analysis is already a necessity for any company that wants to increase its market share and ensure its survival. The collection, analysis and subsequent interpretation of the data is essential to be able to correctly define the company's strategy and know exactly which actions are working properly and which ones need to be reviewed.Data science offers many possibilities and competitive advantages to companies such as knowledge of the customer base, knowing who they are, what they buy, how they do it, what their level of activity is or whether they are disengaging from the business. This information will allow to adjust the communication channel to be able to reach each customer with the best message, at the right moment and with an offer that is as customized as possible for each one of them.Due to the digitalization process in which we are all immersed, the product offer has become broader, customers are less loyal to brands and have more power than ever. They have very high expectations and demand high-quality and increasingly customized services and products. Retailers move in a turbulent environment and need to get closer to their customers to ensure their survival, always keeping in mind their products as key points to increase this proximity. Knowing the customer profiles and managing the metric known as customer lifetime value will allow to control the customer lifetime cycle and develop good proposals to achieve customers’ acquisition, activation, development and retention...