Lost in translationPoéticas del lugar: identidad, memoria y exilio en la ciudad contemporánea

  1. Denica Veselinova Sabeva
II Congreso Internacional Ciudades Creativas: actas
  1. Francisco García García (coord.)
  2. Rogerio García Fernández (coord.)

Publisher: Icono 14 Asociación Científica

ISBN: 9788493907761

Year of publication: 2011

Volume Title: TOMO I

Tome: 1

Volume: 1

Pages: 53-65

Congress: Congreso Internacional Ciudades Creativas (2. 2011. Madrid)

Type: Conference paper


The epicentre of migrations, the space in which humanculture is concentrated, the core of creativity, is the cosmopolitan city, the big metropolis that reinvents itselfthrough the exchange. But a metropolis also means loneliness, exile, disorientation, relocation, anxiety, rootlessness; it is also an unstable space where the personal experience does not seem to register in the collective history.This research explores the cultural effects that are detected in the cosmopolitan cities; resulting from globalization, then look at its reflection or representationin the current iconic production. We focus our attention on the “nomadic” artist and contemporary art asintegrating factors, essentials for our society. We carryout this study by different disciplines and scientific contexts, as a journey undertaken by research in the humanities, art, sociology, aesthetics, art history, etc. Itis an interdisciplinary journey that enriches us with itspluralism, after having crossed the borders of the different subjects. Thus we enter the postmodern culturalprocesses concentrated in the city as the epicentre ofmulticulturalism and new geographies impermanent,showing the metaphorical universe of diverse artists located between two worlds.