Estudio de la superficie ocular en población pediátrica

Supervised by:
  1. Rosario Gómez de Liaño Director
  2. Pedro Arriola Villalobos Director
  3. C. Palomo-Álvarez Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 30 June 2022

  1. Nuria Garzón Jiménez Chair
  2. David Díaz Valle Secretary
  3. Francisco Sáenz-Francés San Baldomero Committee member
  4. Gema Felipe Márquez Committee member
  5. Elena Hernandez Garcia Committee member

Type: Thesis


Ocular surface disorders affect a large part of the population, in particular dry eye disease (DED), which is one of the leading cause of ophthalmological consultations. These disorders have been the focus of extensive research in the adult population, which does not extend to the pediatric population. Modifications of the ocular surface alter tear composition and ocular tissues, reduce the quality of vision and produce symptoms that affect the quality of life of patients. Environmental factors (to which children are also exposed) such as pollution, the wearing of contact lenses and the use of digital screens have a negative influence on the condition of the ocular surface. Furthermore, a lack of association has been described between symptomatology and ocular surface conditions, with signs of ocular alteration sometimes being detected without manifesting symptoms and vice versa. If we add the fact that it may be more difficult to identify and manifest these symptoms for children and adolescents, it is possible that there is a part of the population with undetected ocular surface disorders. The few studies in the pediatric population to date have been carried out in different populations (infants, children, teenagers) using different protocols and diagnostic criteria established for adult populations...