Department: Pintura y Conservación-Restauración

Faculty: Bellas Artes

Area: Painting

Research group: Gestión de riesgos y emergencias en patrimonio cultural


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad de Sevilla with the thesis La Catedral de Sevilla orígenes de su consideración museística y gestión patrimonial en el siglo XIX y primera mitad del siglo XX, a través del Archivo Catedralicio. 2011. Supervised by Dr. María-Dolores Ruiz-de-Lacanal.

Positive accreditation Assistant Professor (PAD number: 2020-13667) and Associate Professor (PCD number: 2020-13666). ANECA National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation -Humanities. In the academic year 2023-2024, I am working on a teaching research project titled "Cybernetic Archive for the conservation of cultural heritage", while in 2022-2023, we started the project titled "Didactics of Knowledge Management and Digital Humanities for contemporary conservation of cultural heritage. From traditional dictionaries to libraries as conversation". For further information, please visit Member of GREPAC Research Group - 971003 Risk and Emergency Management in Cultural Heritage. UCM. External researcher "Culture as Good and as a Medium. New Categories of Heritage and Forms of its Protection and Enhancement" research unit at the University of Salento, Italy. Post-Doctorate diploma at the Centre for Research in Science and Technology of the Arts, School of Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University (Citar-EA-UCP, Porto).