Department: Ciencia Política y de la Administración

Faculty: Ciencias Políticas y Sociología

Centre/Institute: Instituto Complutense de Ciencia de la Administración (ICCA)

Area: Political and Administrative Science

Research group: Política, administración pública e instituciones comparadas


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the thesis El control sobre las Fuerzas Armadas un estudio de la rendición de cuentas en las democracias (1960-2006) 2015. Supervised by Dr. Consuelo Laiz Castro.

I have developed my studies in the field of democracy, emphasizing accountability, especially at the European level. I have done this work from both a vertical and horizontal accountability standpoint. I have published scientific production in this field mainly through books and book chapters in publishers in the first and second quartiles of the SPI, as well as two magazine articles and reports resulting from the transfer work. Another part of my scientific production has been oriented towards accountability in the educational field. In this task I have concentrated my research on detecting needs within students, measuring educational performance and using it to evaluate educational policies. I have developed analysis models to measure performance and try to find policies that allow effective accountability. Most of my publications in this area have been in journals, with two publications in indexed journals, national journals as well as conferences whose proceedings are indexed in Scopus. The research stays at the CIS, the Institute for Quality Assessment of the Educational System and UCLA allowed me to come into contact not only with a more quantitative type of analysis, but also opened this double avenue of research, on the one hand based on the processes of accountability of democracies and on the other in the analysis of the performance of educational systems and the way in which performance is measured. This is reflected in the research teams of which I have been a part, such as the CEACS, the UPM, ICCA and PICOM of the UCM, which have emphasized these aspects of my research career, with a notable European and comparative profile. As a result of this membership, in the last year I have been able to direct a Jean Monnet Project won in competitive contest at the European level. On the other hand, in my work as a professor I currently hold the position of Assistant Professor, in which I have developed more than 1,200 hours of teaching, both at the UCM and in training for professional groups, always with very positive evaluations. My teaching focuses on the field of Comparative Politics, as well as European studies. I have also been part of teaching innovation groups and currently direct one that took place this 2022-23 academic year and is already approved for the next one 2023-24. Added to this is my professional activity, in which I have worked as a consultant for various institutions, such as the CIS, European Commission, Spanish Youth Council, European Parliament, UPM.