Department: Química Orgánica

Faculty: Ciencias Químicas

Area: Organic Chemistry

Research group: Moléculas anfifílicas y polímeros supramoleculares


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the thesis Síntesis y propiedades de compuestos dadores derivados de tetratiafulvaleno (ttf) y de sistemas dador-aceptor electroactivos 1998. Supervised by Dr. Carlos Seoane Prado, Dr. Nazario Martín León.

Luis Sánchez was born in 1970 in Toledo (Spain) and is Full Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University Complutense of Madrid (UCM), Spain. He received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at the University Complutense of Madrid in 1997 under the supervision of Prof. Carlos Seoane and Nazario Martín. From 1999 to 2000 he worked as a postdoctoral researcher with Professor Jan C. (Kees) Hummelen (University of Groningen, The Netherlands) on the synthesis of supramolecular architectures based on C60 and their application in the preparation of organic solar cells. In 2002, he was appointed as an associate professor at UCM and he has been promoted to Full Professor in October, 2017. He is currently the PI of the research group “Amphiphilic molecules and supramolecular polymers” at the Organic Department. He is currently co-author of more than 130 publications and was awarded with the Prize to Novel Researchers of the RSEQ in 2003 and with the Ignacio Ribas Medal by the Specialized Group on Organic Chemistry of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (RSEQ).