Department: Literaturas Hispánicas y Bibliografía

Faculty: Filología

Centre/Institute: Instituto del Teatro de Madrid (ITEM)

Area: Spanish Literature

Research group: Seminario de estudios teatrales


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad de Salamanca with the thesis El debate sobre la naturaleza de la mujer en la corte literaria de Juan II (1406-1454) con una edición de la obra completa de Álvaro de Luna 2008. Supervised by Dr. Pedro Manuel Cátedra García.

Doctorate at the University of Chicago (2002) and the University of Salamanca (2008), Julio Vélez Sainz has been Catedrático at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid since 2010. He directs the Institute of Theatre Studies and co-directs the Theatre Studies Seminar since 2016. He has been "Ramón y Cajal" at the UCM and Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (2002-2008). He has held visiting positions at Brown, Toulouse Le-Mirail, Georgia Ambato (Ecuador), Neuchâtel and Chicago. He writes in Spanish and English about classic and contemporary authors and has written 7 monographs, 8 critical editions, 13 coordinated books, over 110 articles and chapters of research books, more than 20 reviews and over 70 press articles. He has directed six national and international R&D projects. In 2021 he published a critical edition of the Lucas Fernández theatre (Madrid, Cátedra) with Álvaro Bustos, the biography of Rubén Darío "Rubén Darío, la vida errante" (Madrid, Cátedra) and the edition of the Miguel de Cervantes theatre (Madrid, Verbum). He is a representative of the UCM in the UNA Europe consortium. He has a cultural blog in The Huffington Post.