Department: Literaturas Hispánicas y Bibliografía

Faculty: Filología

Area: Spanish Literature

Research group: Relaciones literarias. Escrituras de Hispanoamérica y España


Personal web:

The teaching and research career of Bethania Guerra presents a Latin Americanist character, likewise, the dialogue with the Spanish context is observed from the early research around the Hispanic American literature in the Spanish Civil War and the current participation in the competitive R&D project The impact of the Spanish Civil War in the intellectual life of Hispanic America. She has disseminated the results of the work carried out in scientific events (45) and publications (38), in addition to Transfer initiatives such as the teaching and research mobility stay in August 2019 at UNA (PY) and the organization of 11 academic events. As an associate professor, her involvement in research is observed in the activities of the research group 'Relaciones literarias -Escritura de Hispanoamérica y España', UCM; the direction of 13 TFMs and 3 doctoral theses in progress. She has previously worked in different academic institutions, such as the Nebrija University, the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the Cervantes Institute, the Didactic Center of the Spanish Embassy in Brazil and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. As a translator, she has linked editorial projects to her research work, publishing annotated editions and critical prologues on authors relevant to the Latin American studies scene. She has translated into Spanish classic and contemporary works by Brazilian authors and has participated in research projects of the Brazilian Ministry of Education aimed at literature and translation studies. He has published 9 articles in journals, 23 in books and 6 in proceedings, including prestigious publishers such as Peter Lang, Tirant lo Blanch, Comares, Universidad de Sevilla and UNAM. In the formative field, she made two important research stays: Predoctoral at the UAM with a grant from the Ministry of Education of Brazil (2006-07) and Postdoctoral at the CSIC, through the Specialization Program in Hispanic Philology for graduates and doctors with a grant from the Carolina Foundation.