Department: Filología Clásica

Faculty: Filología

Centre/Institute: Instituto Universitario de Ciencias de las Religiones

Area: Greek Philology

Research group: Normatividad, emociones, discurso y sociedad

Research group: Bósforo. Grupo de investigación sobre la antigüedad tardía y Bizancio


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the thesis Las Dionisíacas de Nono: aspectos literarios, mitológicos y religiosos 2005. Supervised by Dr. Carlos García Gual.

Doctor by the Universidad de Huelva with the thesis La problemática social de la secta en la "Vida pitagórica" (Jámblico) 2011. Supervised by Dr. Antonio López Peláez, Dr. Sagrario Segado Sánchez-Cabezudo.

PhD in Classical Philology. PhD in Social History of Antiquity. Degree in Classical Philology, Hispanic Philology and Law. His main lines of research are Religion and Greek Mythology (esp. Oracles and Pythagoreanism), Society and Literature in Late Antiquity (Nonnus of Panopolis, Early Byzantine poetry and society), Classical Tradition and History of Platonism (Laws and Neoplatonism). He has been a lecturer and researcher at the universities of Potsdam, Carlos III of Madrid and UNED, and is currently Professor of Greek Philology at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Classical Philology, Medieval Studies and Religious Studies. Author of several essays on literature, philosophy and classical mythology -among them “Bakkhos Anax. Un estudio sobre Nono de Panópolis” (2008) “Oráculos griegos” (2008, 2019), “Vidas de Pitágoras” (2011, 2014, 2020), “Mitología clásica” (Alianza 2015), “Breve historia de Bizancio” (2014), “El despertar del alma: Dioniso y Ariadna, mito y misterio” (2017) o “El hilo de oro: los clásicos en el laberinto de hoy” (2021)- and of numerous articles in his specialty in academic journals. As academic editor he has edites or co-edited volumes such as “New Perspectives on Late Antiquity” (2008), “New Perspectives on Late Antiquity in the Eastern Roman Empire” (2014) or “Shaping the ‘divine man’. Holiness, Charisma and Leadership in the Graeco-Roman World” (2022). He has received several national and international distinctions for his research career, such as the "Pastor Foundation" Award for Classical Studies (2005), the Burgen Scholarship Award of the Academia Europaea (2014) or the Humboldt-Forschungsstipendium (2009) or the Premio Acción Cívica (2022). He has been awarded postdoctoral grants such as the Juan de la Cierva (2005), José Castillejo (2007), Beatriu de Pinós (2011) and Ramón y Cajal (2011). He has participated as principal investigator in numerous projects and research groups at regional, national and European level and has directed 5 doctoral theses. He is editor or member of the editorial board of several journals and collections of monographs, such as the collection "Temas de Historia Antigua" in Editorial Síntesis, the collection of monographs of the Instituto de Ciencias de las Relgiones (UCM) and since 2021 the journal "Estudios Bizantinos". He has been a researcher or guest lecturer at centers such as Columbia Univ., Univ. di Firenze, CNRS (Paris), Akademie der Wissenschaften (Berlin), Univ, Paris-X or Freie Univ. Berlin, among other international institutions. He is an active member of several groups (UCM, UC3M, UNED, Berlin-Potsdam, Franche-Comté, Castellón, Oviedo, etc.) and societies such as the Spanish Society of Classical Studies (he is currently a member of its Madrid section) or the Spanish Society of Rhetoric (he is currently its secretary). He is a literary critic in several national newspapers and translator of Greek and Latin literature: among other works, he has translated "Dionysiaca" by Nonnus, "Parallel Lives" by Plutarch or the "Ruodlieb". In addition, as a ficción writer, he is the author of seven books, including "Las puertas del sueño" (2004) or "A cubierto" (2011), for which he has received literary awards from the Community of Madrid and the Diputación de Valencia, respectively.