Department: Lógica y Filosofía Teórica

Faculty: Filosofía

Area: Logic and Philosophy of Science

Research group: Lenguaje, pensamiento y realidad


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The contributions of Soledad H. Bermúdez are basically divided into three lines of work: one, on argumentation, another on Philosophy with children and another on pedagogy of philosophy. In the first one, his main contribution is a new methodological proposal in Philosophy with children, which she has disseminated through articles, books, and in the media, in addition to the creation of the Philosophical Consultation Association, of which she is Chairwoman. Her second line of work has also produced various articles in magazines, and each year different issues are disseminated through the Celebration of World Philosophy Day in Madrid: MásFilosofía, a group of which she is the main organizer. In addition, to disseminate all this work with better results, she has two radio programs that he directs and hosts, one for adults and one for children, called: Filosofía en la Onda and Filósofos Bajitos, respectively. Finally, she works on the pedagogy of Logic, which has allowed him to investigate the most appropriate tools for its transfer and understanding, as well as the design of new exercises, more adapted to the current daily experience of the students.