Department: Estadística y Ciencia de los Datos

Faculty: Estudios Estadísticos

Research group: Grupo de modelos estocásticos (Stochastic Modelling Group)


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the thesis Studying the effect of vaccination in epidemic models with stochastic transmission 2022. Supervised by Dr. María Jesús López Herrero.

Maria is an assistant professor at UCM. She stands out for her outstanding research work, which spans various disciplines. Her focus is on the application of stochastic processes in different areas of life, aiming to develop techniques that benefit both health and emotional well-being. Her efforts are focused on obtaining theoretical results applicable in biomathematics and the artistic field. As an active member of several research groups, including the UCM Stochastic Models Group, evaluated with an outstanding rating of 91/100, Maria demonstrates her constant pursuit of excellence in her research work. She participates in long-term projects, which evidences her ongoing commitment to research and her ability to maintain an active and relevant project agenda. Maria's scientific publications are indexed in the JCR and hold exceptional positions, thus consolidating her prestige in the scientific field. Her goal is to maintain this excellence in her publications and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in her field of study. She regularly presents her findings at renowned international conferences, known for their rigorous selection processes.