Department: Didáctica de Lenguas, Artes y Educación Física

Faculty: Educación-Centro Formación Profesor

Area: Didactics of Language and Literature


Doctor by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the thesis La cosmogonía de los indios de Canadá a través de sus cuentos y leyendas 2016. Supervised by Dr. Juan Manuel Núñez Yusta, Dr. María del Carmen Barrado Belmar.

She is a PhD of oral literature among Native American and Associate professor of didactics of the English Language in the Degrees or Preschool and Primary. She was the IP of the research group Picturebooks at (UNIR) as well as a Coordinator of the Preschool and Primary bilingual degrees in the same university. She has made this compatible with the publication of books entitled "El origen del mundo y otras historias de los indios de Canadá", "Cuentos, Vida y Creencias de los Nativos Norteamericanos" by Verbum. She has also presented more than 20 talks in International Congresses some of them abroad. Her research is mainly focused on storytelling and the use of picturebooks to foster English and multiculturality.