Un enfoque activo para el tratamiento de la información cartográfica en el 2º ciclo de la E.S.O

  1. Miguel Angel Sandoya Hernández
Supervised by:
  1. María Francisca Alvarez Orellana Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Year of defence: 2008

  1. Luis Arranz Márquez Chair
  2. Primitivo Sánchez Delgado Secretary
  3. Manuel Sánchez Figueroa Committee member
  4. María Concepción Domínguez Garrido Committee member
  5. Ignacio N. Nadal Perdomo Committee member

Type: Thesis


Maps and plans are some of the most significant and recurrent elements in geographic learning. However, its use is in most cases reduced to a mere example; in textbooks they are basically used as setting and memorizing elements. Cartographic activities, when used in these terms, do not contribute to enhance neither spatial reasoning nor spatial conceptualization, this being understood as an ability to operate in/with the geographic space. Our aim is to consider the map as a knowledge-generating element, a didactic element which reinforces the comprehension and reasoning skills. Four partial objectives are set in this research: - To check the level of cartographic knowledge among secondary students concerning the management of cartographic information. - To determine the function of maps in the curricular design of the textbooks. - To design materials for the utilization of maps as knowledge activators. - To check the effectiveness of these materials applied to a geography lesson in secondary education.