Las demostraciones en la didáctica de las Matemáticas. Una experiencia con alumnos de 3º ESO

  1. Sánchez Freire, Enrique
  2. Gil Pascual, Juan Antonio
Números: Revista de didáctica de las matemáticas

ISSN: 0212-3096 1887-1984

Year of publication: 2014

Issue: 86

Pages: 79-94

Type: Article

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In this article we show the judgment suggested by some authors about the convenience or inconvenience of using mathematical proofs while teaching. We will complete this theoretical dissertation with some experimental data obtained in the classroom. We will compare the results obtained by a class group following a teaching methodology based upon mathematical accuracy, reasoning and demonstration versus a class group using a more traditional teaching approach. The comparison of the two groups shows how the first group obtained better results around some of the variables considered.