Integral field spectroscopy and multi-wavelength imaging of the nearby spiral galaxy ngc 5668: A case for megara

  1. Marino, R.A.
  2. Gil de Paz, A.
  3. Castillo-Morales, A.
  4. Muñoz-Mateos, J.C.
  5. Sánchez, S.F.
  6. Pérez-González, P.G.
  7. Gallego, J.
  8. Zamorano, J.
  9. Alonso-Herrero, A.
  10. Boissier, S.
Proceedings of the 10th Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Astronomical Society - Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics VII, SEA 2012

Year of publication: 2020

Pages: 262-268

Type: Conference paper