La música como transmisora de emociones y su relación con factores emocionales que influyen en el entorno académico

  1. García Rodríguez, María
Supervised by:
  1. Anelia Ivanova Iotova Director
  2. Jesús María Alvarado Izquierdo Director
  3. Virginia Jiménez Rodríguez Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 18 January 2022

  1. María Mercedes Garcia Garcia Chair
  2. Elvira Carpintero Molina Secretary
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  5. Santiago Sastre Llorente Committee member
  1. Didáctica de Lenguas, Artes y Educación Física

Type: Thesis


Emotional disorders such as alexithymia or social anhedonia, as well as low levels of Emotional Intelligence can negatively influence the development of social skills, academic performance and desertion of studies during adolescence. Likewise, the natural relationship between music and emotion inevitably invites the study of the analogy that may exist between this cultural manifestation and these constructs in educational contexts.In this regard, several studies have confirmed that the absence of alexithymia or social anhedonia, as well as high levels of Emotional Intelligence are fundamental factors for optimal development. From this perspective, this doctoral thesis aims to provide knowledge on the relationship between constructs related to emotional competence during adolescence and its relationship with both academic performance and other variables such as ability in the identification of emotions through musical listening, age or gender...